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I Think This Line is Mostly Filler
Monday — February 16th, 2009

I Think This Line is Mostly Filler

bio_chrisAdam’s away from the drawing board for now and I’ll be traveling this week (New Jersey, represent!), so things will be a bit odder than normal.

Which is a scary thought all by itself.

The Clone Wars: LucasFilm embargoes honesty

Seen the reviews of George Lucas’ new animated “Star Wars” prequelly thing, “The Clone Wars”?

Don’t feel bad if you haven’t. They keep disappearing.

Harry Knowles of posted a review that was… let’s go with “negative,” because “scathing” might give away the ending. Sample quote:

I hated the score, the animation, the shots, the characters and most of all the retarded ******** idiot story.

I hated the film. HATED IT. REALLY HATED IT.”

So although he was clearly holding back, he still expressed an opinion. He gave his reasons, and also said that others in his audience enjoyed it. So, no worries, Harry posted a review.

Then he unposted it, along with a similarly negative review by Massawyrm. According to Moriarty, “Harry took his CLONE WARS review down at the request of Lucasfilm, who have chosen to enforce an embargo on reviews on our site.” (You can read ‘em both at the’s forum along with links to just about every other review; way to archive, guys)

Odd that LucasFilm didn’t choose to enforce an embargo on the Associated Press, whose reviews of TCW have been mostly positive (“Clone Wars” is fun though forgettable ). Or on… look, lots of reviews have popped up, yet only the detailed, negative, massively disappointed ones have been shut down. Little insecurity showing there, George?

Yes, people ripped into the prequels (and deservedly so, IMO). Yes, people are going to rip into your new cartoon as well. But suck it up, George. If you’re proud of your work, put it out there and take the heat along with the praise.

Found! A page (maybe) from the Hiatus pilot (possibly)!

OK, no strip today. But we do have something cool to share: a page from the pilot script!

This appears to be a single page from the pilot episode “Encounter in Forever on the Edge of the City of Tomorrow.” This is apparently a casting sheet, used for auditions, from the scene at the beginning when Vince Parvo has his destiny crammed into him by his former commander, Adm. Buchanan (Ret.). And we have no markings to suggest what version of the script this might be from, although chemical composition tests on the mysterious stains on the back suggest that at one time it was laid in a pool of over-sugared decaf on the counter at The Coffee Bean on Ventura Blvd in LA.

As you know, showrunner Manny Ulrich has been fanatically careful in keeping all the copies of the “Hiatus” scripts to himself, even forcing actors to laboriously memorize their lines while crouching in Manny’s closet as he held the script open for them from outside, so this is a real find.

Anyone with more pages or information on this script, please comment below.

Can you stand the suspense?

Adam is still on the road (I suspect illicit doings) so today’s strip will actually be tomorrow’s strip. But it’ll be twice as funny and well-drawn, to make up for it. I hope.

Lists, a Doctor Who primer, and Denvention

Hello world!

Some quick hits for you before I head off to WorldCon in Denver. (Hugo Awards! Lois McMaster Bujold! Robert Heinlein, sort of!) listed the top ten “Brilliant But Canceled” scifi shows. The usual suspects are there (and yay for the SDCC Browncoat booth shoutout) but there are also a few I’d forgotten.

What’s on Dr. Horrible’s bookshelf? LibraryThingers figured it out.

PC Mag listed the Ten Best Unsung Webcomics.  I remember “Don’t Forget to Validate Your Parking” from the writers’ strike, and I love me some “Girls With Slingshots,” but now A Softer World is my new favorite weird strip. They missed Anders Loves Maria, though. And where’s SaveHiatus, PC Mag? Hmm?

Actually, no, I lie. My new favorite bizarre webcomic is “Medium-Large,” by the guy who does “Sally Forth.” Turns out he’s a sick, sick man. Love the Peanuts archive.

The new edition of Dark Horse Presents has a free Serenity story. Which, yay for that, but… is Serenity shooting other ships? With what? I’m confused.

And io9 explains How to Discover Classic Doctor Who in Three Easy Steps.

Save Hi…jinks Ensue!

One of our favorite Webcomics is Hijinks Ensue, which, if you haven’t read it before, I strongly urge you to do now. For the past four months, the strip’s creator, Joel Watson, has been undertaking what he calls “The Experiment,” to see whether he could make a career out of his Webcomic. At the rate he’s gaining readers, (especially with three front page diggs in the last couple of weeks) it’s definitely possible that he’ll be able to make it work financially in the next year or so, but right now, his readership (and income) isn’t enough to see him through the red and carry him into the black.

So right now he’s holding a donation drive and asking readers to consider setting up a donation subscription via paypal. He’s got some pretty cool stuff available exclusively to subscribers. Plus, he’s a pretty cool guy, who would DEFINITELY have watched Hiatus from day one. ;) So, if like the work Joel’s doing with Hijinks Ensue and want to see more of it, now’s a good time to donate, if you’re so inclined.

The State of the Experiment: Save Hijinks Ensue

Last chance for free con swag!

Thanks to Ven’s two-handed swag-nabbing ability, we have enough for two swag pile prizes! Here’s a sampling – each prize will have a heaping helping of some of this!

Remember, you’ve only got a couple hours left to enter, just check out Ven’s SDCC tweets to find out how.

And, if you were at the San Diego Comic and you got a Save Hiatus card, go to our SDCC page and enter the secret code to win one of many great prizes:

A “Number Six in Black” character lithograph, a “Starbuck in Black” character lithograph, BSG character dogtags, a promotional FOX “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles” cap, a set of Mal and Zoe dog tags (never sold in stores), and…
A great big “Instant Geek” kit of utter geekiness, guaranteed to turn your home or workspace into an obsessive fan paradise (items pictured and more will be included).

You’ve got till 8 pm PST tonight! Go! Go! Go!

Oh happy day!

This is a really exciting day for me. I just discovered that my Little Damn Hero Kaylee maquettes are now available for pre-order on! I know I’ve talked about this project before, and I know it has nothing to do with Save Hiatus, but I’m like a proud papa. I just have to share the good news!

(By the way, the images they have on the site are not the final artwork. You can see what it will really look like at

The death of Hollywood, and contest deadline

Well, that’s it. Might as well close up the shop and send all the PAs home, Hollywood has officially run out of ideas. Their newest plans for our entertainment: a movie about a half-assed Spider-Man villain and a sequel to a rapidly decaying series.

First up, “Venom.“. Hey guys! Let’s make a movie about a superhero’s nemesis! Of course we can’t use the superhero, and we’ll be using a different actor, but look! Super stuff! Hollywood, you idiot, this didn’t work with “Catwoman,” did it? For that matter, it didn’t work in the comics when they tried spinning Venom off into his own title, either. If you’re going to base movies on comics, at least pick good comics.

Then Mike Myers, traumatized by the national backlash to “The Love Guru,” is retreating back into the womblike safety of popping out another Austin Powers movie. Now, I liked the first one, and I liked some of the second one, and I freely admit I enjoyed the first 5 minutes and the last 5 minutes of “Austin Powers 3,” but the rest of it made me violently ill that such a monstrosity could be unleashed upon the public. So, following that progression, this one will probably have a very entertaining opening shot and a funny studio logo at the end of the credits, and that’s about it.

(Can there be a moratorium on comic actors who think that just putting on absurd appliances = funny? Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence, Mike Myers… get out of the damn makeup chair and just go be funny.

And tonight is your deadline for entering’s San Diego Comic-Con contests, the one where you enter a code to win prints and hats and geek kits and such, and the one where you read Ven’s Twitterings to find out how to win swag from the con. The deadline is tonight at 8 p.m. PST, details on entering and what you can win are here, and I urge you NOT to enter because I’ve already made display cases for some of this stuff, so back off.

Harry Potter, Eureka, and Comic-Con debris

I’m back! And very nearly alive!

Many thanks to the people who said hi over the last week, and to the folks everywhere who have embraced our Twitterness in the hopes of free swag. We welcome your self-interested friendship! Remember, the deadline for entering is 8 pm PST, this Friday night. If you were at the con and got a Save Hiatus card from us, go to our SDCC page and enter the code on the card to maybe win some great prizes. If you weren’t, you can still win SDCC swag by finding the swag contest code word in my Twitterings and e-mailing that to Hurry!

It was a fantastic experience and I’m still buzzing about it. You can catch up on a lot by watching some of the many great panels: Heroes, Dr. Horrible, Dollhouse, Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles, Battlestar Galactica, Watchmen, The Office, The Wolfman, Twilight, Pushing Daisies, and a lot more.

More stuff:
Marvin the Martian is getting a movie.
“Eureka” premiered its third season last night, and S.A.R.A.H. the house is answering your questions at Twitter.
The new trailer for “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” is online.

Con watching from afar

Not at Comic-Con? Me either. Join me now in following it vicariously through all of these people: has some great pics of Preview Night up, and so does

There’s an official Comic-Con Twitter feed. More Twitterers you should follow: Annaleen from, Felicia Day, Whitney from USA Today’s PopCandy, Newsarama, ComicConNews, and USA Weekend’s Brian Truitt.

Wizard Universe is liveblogging from the con. So is,, Spout Blog,, USA Weekend,, and the LA Times.

Want pictures? Check here and here and here.

And of course, our own Ven Saunders is Twittering away. Where are you getting your SDCC updates? Post ‘em here!