Ven Ven Saunders – Serious fan of just about everything. A collector of props, autographs, memorabilia, and other fandom detritus. His parents saved up and bought the corner and went traveling around the world, leaving him there to play amateur landlord and handyman.

Online name:
Hiatus, Firefly, Star Trek, Star Wars, comics
Casey Casey Hockenberry – Ven’s new roommate. An average guy with a dream: the dream of someday being able to live somewhere without fighting family members or roommates for the bathroom. But until that magical, far-off day arrives he’ll make do with this place he found on Craigslist. No visible neuroses, so far. Never been much of a sci-fi fan. Just arrived in San Francisco fresh out of college and ready for entry-level drudgework. No attachments. Likes dogs.

Wage slave for Phaceless Corp™.
Fandom: The Boston Red Sox
Online name: What?
Tess Tess McGreevy - Ven’s best friend. Every group of fans has one person who can whip up a T-shirt, flyer, or entire 3000-person meeting hall (decorated and catered) within a few minutes. Tess is that person. Wizard organizer, has e-mail addresses and phone numbers for every manager, assistant, and agent in Hollywood. Journals constantly. Has an apartment she shares with her sister Bess, a non-fan.

Mindless clerical job gives her access to copiers and printers, very handy.
Online name: Hiatess
Fandoms: Hiatus, Buffy, Angel, Tru Calling, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles, many more.
Walker Walker Gerhardt - Has memorized every salient science fiction fact and bit of trivia since “R.U.R.” and will tell you all of them whenever possible. Wages a constant battle against “popular culture,” considers pop star train wrecks to be minor demons of some sort. Currently living with his girlfriend Chloe, whom he loves but expects to leave him at any moment.

Clerk at used bookstore, “Legible Love.” Will fight to keep from selling books he likes.
Online name:
Fandoms: All of them.
Chloe Chloe Samari - The Sensible One. Speaker to Normals. Chloe has a fan’s attitude with very few of the traditional fan trappings or habits, making her the perfect stealth fan. She’s dating Walker, though, so if she does have any fannish urges she can probably just live them vicariously through him.
Job: Bookkeeper for local insurance company.
Online name: csamari
Fandoms: Buffy, Angel, BSG, CSI, Medium, Smallville, The 4400. Supernatural, Eureka.
Alex Alex (Alexandra) Tully - The Cute One. Has a degree but no plans. Changes hairstyles and clothes often, tends to incorporate cosplay costumes into her everyday wear. Lives with her parents.
Job: Waitress at Tucker’s, the coffee shop downstairs from Ven and Casey’s place.
Online name: Tetsujin69
Fandoms: Buffy, Angel, The Office, Honey and Clover, Happy Mania, any comic from DC’s Vertigo line.
Twitch Ted “Twitch” Mackie - The oldest of the group, Twitch is one of the old fans who still prefers the days of mimeographed ‘zines, but appreciates the Interweb. He’s met everyone, and he’ll tell you about them. For hours. Marital status currently unknown. He lives down the hall from Ven and Casey in a not-at-all creepy way in an apartment layered in celebrity photos.
Job: Works as a PA for local film crews.
Online name: twitch
Fandoms: Haitus, Star Trek (TOS), Lost in Space, Space 1999, the original BSG

Exec The Exec - He rose to power over the backs of lesser suits by eating the hearts of defeated middle-management and taking their power. His golden parachute is such that the company literally cannot afford to fire him in any single financial quarter, and his choices of programming shows this.
Job: Vice-President and Director of Programming for The Network
Online name: What?
Fandoms: The Bottom Line, 50-year-old Chivas Regal Royal Salute, the Caymans

Mr. Snyvel Mr. Snyvel - There’s a price to be paid to become assistant to the most important man in the entertainment industry, and your soul is barely the beginning. Fortunately Mr. Snyvel didn’t give up anything he was using very much. His secret shame: he actually likes television, something that would puzzle and frighten his coworkers were it ever found out.
Job: Executive Assistant
Online name: Mr. Snyvel
Fandoms: [redacted]

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