Firefly theme song artist needs your help
January 14th, 2009

Firefly theme song artist needs your help

Reposted from Brian on Whedonesque:

Sonny Rhodes, our favorite Firefly theme song blues musician, is in need of a hand up. He is a very proud man, but circumstances related to medical conditions are preventing him from working, and he’s trying to keep a roof over his head.

Sonny’s wife Ann called me with these details and hoped the Browncoats could help. Sonny hasn’t performed since October 2008, except for once or twice against his doctor’s wishes when he had to keep the power from being shut off and pay rent, and doing that made his condition worse. He just had an emergency hernia operation and needs to have two hip operations as soon as possible. Ann said he’ll likely be out of work for a few more months and, besides being in a lot of pain, is naturally quite worried about paying medical and rent bills. Sonny has vowed to be there for the Browncoats in the future and would appreciate any financial assistance that may be possible via the PayPal Donate link on his MySpace page.

If you can do anything, please consider it. Adam met him on the last Browncoats Cruise and couldn’t stop talking about his skill and charm.

The donate link is through PayPal, but you don’t have to have a PayPal account to use it; you can use your credit card if you’d rather.

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