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One of us, dammit

Monday, January 5th, 2009

We’re back! And, much like the economy, we’ve downsized.

While we had a great deal of fun whomping up the larger strips — Adam had a lot more room to play and still fit in all the words I insisted had to be there, somewhere, in some sort of order — they were also incredibly time-consuming to create at the level of quality we both wanted. And other, paying projects crept in, and there was those non-paying family members who kept hanging around… we had to step back and rethink the strip. We both wanted to continue, no question about that, but it would have to change for that to happen.

Hence, the smaller, non-color strip. But, good news: the format change saves us enough time so that we can start publishing three times a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) instead of two, which is something we wanted to do from the beginning.

If you’re just joining us – and hey! Hi! — you can catch up with the older strips here, or you can download them as a cbr file (Use CDisplay or these other cbr programs to read it). And we look forward to obsessing with you for years to come!

(Seriously, how old is the new Doctor, like, twelve? Who’s going to be his Companion, Winnie the Pooh? But I digress.)

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