"Love is a many-splendoured thing. And every splendour costs you extra."

-- Hy

That was Kevin (Captain Vince Parvo) Sutton's real hair. Seriously.


"Three squadrons of Rllrians are bearing down on us, we cannot let ourselves be distra... are those real chocolate brownies?"

-- Capt. Parvo

The show's theme song has been translated into 37 different languages. The lyrics, written by Ulrich in a drunken stupor, make no sense in any of them.


Executive Producer Lem Hackeney brokered a deal for novelizations of the scripts but this has been tied up since he insisted on using author James Blish, who died in 1975. Negotiations using a WiFi-enabled Ouija board are ongoing.


Darnell (Cygnus Alpha) Lee was determined to do his own stunts and even told one interviewer, "If my butt's gonna be blown off, I want the audience to see it!" This was made ironic when an accident involving a Crushborg inadvertently removed half of Lee's left buttock. It was later replaced with a prosthetic replacement and Cygnus Alpha wielded his dreaded hyper-laser cane for the remainder of the show's run.


"Were you aware you were speaking out loud just now? Because I don't think you were. And that's good, because that means I can let you live."

-- Sgt. Calmar


-- Arcus

"But what does it do?"
"It doesn't do anything, that's the beauty of it!"

-- Arcus and Capt. Parvo

A fan-edited version of the pilot episode which replaced all the dialogue with human digestive noises of varying volumes was later praised by showrunner Manny Ulrich as being more "emotionally pure" than the televised version.


"Shouldn't the inside of the ship be, you know, warmer than the outside of the ship?"

-- Ensign Darklicci

"We are bound by our laws not to interfere with the technological progress of another species. I'm sorry, Ambassador. Jackson, kill the connection and nuke their planet. Hey, who wants pancakes?"

-- Capt. Parvo

"While we're back in time we can't touch anything! We might change the future so that we never came back! Which would then change the future so we did, or not, or... oh, what the hell, do whatever you want."

-- Capt. Parvo

In Episode Five, "Rorrim, Rorrim," writer Phil Blatsky cleverly concealed the details of his wife's startling infidelities in the crew's dialogue. Can you find them all?


To stay under budget, propmaster Lou "Louis" Adamson swiped items from every other show on the network after hours, which is why the medical bay was full of exercise equipment and the alien races all wore designer dresses and Manolo Blahniks.


"You are extremely beautiful, for an alien chick."

-- Capt. Parvo

The lighting effects for the spacewalk near the second sun of Remus Delta required so much power that the FX department inadvertantly caused a citywide blackout. Director April May shot the scene in total darkness with a hand-cranked camera so production wouldn't be held up and they could all clear out before the police arrived.


The starkly beautiful scenes of utterly silent space were entirely accidental, as the proposed 80s hair metal band music ostensibly preferred by the ship's pilot in the script turned out to be too expensive to license and there was no time to substitute. Ironically the only official recognition the show has received thus far is its Emmy nomination for sound editing.


A group of students at MIT set out to recreate the scientifically plausible (if unlikely) plasmic stardrive of the Venture, but funds ran out before they completed anything beyond the admittedly bitchin' Captain's chair.


"Men are not allowed into the temple, because of that impure chromosome; I forget what you call it..."
"I told you, it's a genetic thing! Men. You never listen."

-- Ambassador J'nx and Chief Engineer Goldstein

"You're insane!"
"I'm an officer. It's like being insane, but with a spiffy uniform."

-- Lt. Vlop and Sgt. Calmar

"I love it when a plan comes together. Or, rather, I suspect I probably would."

-- Capt. Parvo

The use of "Purple Rain" during the decontamination sequence in the pilot was unlicensed. Prince's lawyers paid showrunner Manny Ulrich a house call and in subsequent airings of the episode the crew faced their ominous doom to the strains of "Itsy Bitsy Spider."


"Sometimes I think you think I think you're not as dumb as I think you are, but I assure you that I don't."
"Uh huh. Wait, what?"

-- Lt. Vlop and Capt. Parvo

"You have to understand, Tu. A desk job isn't for me. I'm a lobster, who longs only to be thrown back into the starry sea that is my real home."
"What the hell are you talking about?"
"I think we should totally have sex."
"What, like in butter? I'm just not getting the lobster thing."

-- Capt. Parvo and Ambassador Tulik

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