Found! A page (maybe) from the Hiatus pilot (possibly)!
August 8th, 2008

Found! A page (maybe) from the Hiatus pilot (possibly)!

OK, no strip today. But we do have something cool to share: a page from the pilot script!

This appears to be a single page from the pilot episode “Encounter in Forever on the Edge of the City of Tomorrow.” This is apparently a casting sheet, used for auditions, from the scene at the beginning when Vince Parvo has his destiny crammed into him by his former commander, Adm. Buchanan (Ret.). And we have no markings to suggest what version of the script this might be from, although chemical composition tests on the mysterious stains on the back suggest that at one time it was laid in a pool of over-sugared decaf on the counter at The Coffee Bean on Ventura Blvd in LA.

As you know, showrunner Manny Ulrich has been fanatically careful in keeping all the copies of the “Hiatus” scripts to himself, even forcing actors to laboriously memorize their lines while crouching in Manny’s closet as he held the script open for them from outside, so this is a real find.

Anyone with more pages or information on this script, please comment below.

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  1. Blogette

    I guess this will have to fill the void left by the lack of a Friday update…

    As for the script page – “Come on, let” what? Must. Have. More. Pages.

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