What with the hey?
May 29th, 2008

What with the hey?

Hi guys! We did some redecorating.

SaveHiatus.com uses WordPress (great free blog software) and ComicPress (great free webcomic theme for WordPress), and both of them had major updates lately, letting us add all kinds of things we wanted. Like comic navigation at top and bottom. Like reader comments, now that we have some breathing room for them. Like more links to more cool stuff.

And the same old comic, but hopefully that’s OK. Let us know what you think, either below or in the forums.


  1. cabridges

    And right off I see glitches. Sigh. Throw \em at me, we’ll fix ‘em all.

  2. Indigo

    It looks nice, but the feed’s a bit wonky now.

  3. cabridges

    That may be because we posted last night’s strip about 10 times, trying to get it to work properly. :)

  4. OminousKevin

    The new layout looks awesome! Good job guys!

  5. Adam

    @Indigo: Is it still wonky? And how exactly is it wonky? I know a lot of our readers read us on RSS, so I want to make sure that’s working properly.

  6. cabridges

    There are now comics in the RSS feed. At least for me, anybody else? You’ll probably need to refresh yours to see.

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