Experiencing technical difficulties
May 30th, 2008

Experiencing technical difficulties

If a new design didn’t have problems, you wouldn’t know it worked. Or something like that, but more sane sounding.

We’re working on getting our RSS feeds back in shape and finding what that little broken thing is above blog posts. But hey, new comic! And comments! Woo! (Woo? Anybody?)


  1. ShinyC

    Definitely woo! (have never lived in San Francisco, but would probably look like that if I tried jogging there… :) ) Thanks for all the laughs!

  2. :)

    woo hoo!

  3. TheTick

    Everything juuuuust fits on 1024×768, in case you were wondering if this was ever viewed at such a resolution. :) I’ve been spreading the word on Hiatus as best I can…

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