Con watching from afar
July 24th, 2008

Con watching from afar

Not at Comic-Con? Me either. Join me now in following it vicariously through all of these people: has some great pics of Preview Night up, and so does

There’s an official Comic-Con Twitter feed. More Twitterers you should follow: Annaleen from, Felicia Day, Whitney from USA Today’s PopCandy, Newsarama, ComicConNews, and USA Weekend’s Brian Truitt.

Wizard Universe is liveblogging from the con. So is,, Spout Blog,, USA Weekend,, and the LA Times.

Want pictures? Check here and here and here.

And of course, our own Ven Saunders is Twittering away. Where are you getting your SDCC updates? Post ‘em here!


  1. Corine

    Hey! Some more twitterers to follow: Geekerati, Comicmix, Wil Wheaton (he’s supposed to be arriving there soon), TVSquad. But, be warned. I just tried to get on the site to add the official con feed and I’m getting that error message that means we’re about to get a visit from the fail whale.

  2. NYPinTA

    *sigh* I had my twitter feeds all set up but then twitter spazzed out and I lost everyone.

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