Tossing non-cons some crumbs
July 23rd, 2008

Tossing non-cons some crumbs

Getting ready to hit the con floor, but for those of you playing at home, here’s some stuff to make up for not being in Nirvana.

Science fiction publisher launched their new website, and the free DRM-free ebooks and wallpaper they were giving away free for the last few months are all here for one last week. Excellent top-notch works from John Scalzi, Harry Turtledove, Mercedes Lackey, Peter David, Kage Baker, and many more. Plus there’s blogging from their writers, original short stories (with download links plain as day!) and yet another community to join. Go check ‘em out before the idiots fill up the place.

There will be a sequel to “Robot Chicken: Star Wars.” Obviously it will be darker, and Seth Green’s hand will be chopped off on-camera.

Joss Whedon is reshooting the “Dollhouse” pilot, but it’s not at all like the “Firefly” situation, nope nope nope. Yeah, we’ll see. Also: Dollhouse webisodes.

Bryan Singer has signed on to produce “Capeshooters,” a movie about superhero-chasing paparazzi. Which makes sense, because he’s already proven he knows how to ruin at least one superhero’s life…

On to the con!

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  1. Corine

    Thank you!! It’s killing me that I’m stuck at work while the whole rest of the world is at geek heaven. I know you want to make sure you get in plenty of time for yourself but, whenever possible, please keep the ‘crumbs’ coming!

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