Cellphone mascot slash is worse

Cellphone mascot slash is worse

bio_chrisYes, there is PC and Mac slash fiction.

No, you don’t want to know any more than that.

By the way: Adam uses a Mac. I use a PC. Make of it what you will.


  1. Sugarbabe

    Oh they want to know. Mac_ Hearts_PC on LiveJournal is the best place for Fics and Pic on Mac and PC love, Check it out!

  2. MineTruly

    Yes, you do want to know more.

    Who doesn’t look at the Mac/PC commercials and clearly see that they mount each others’ boot drives? That they insert things into each others’ USB ports? That PC stares at Mac when he’s in Sleep Mode?

    My favorite character to write, though, is Wikipedia. It’s interesting to write someone who has completely objective knowledge of every kink in existence. And, since he’s a website, he needs to reload after each orgasm, which is incredibly cute. Sometimes he’s so exhausted, he 404’s. ^__^

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