Joss Whedon’s “Dollcouch”

Joss Whedon’s “Dollcouch”

bio_chrisI have to admit, I’ve been very happy to see the promotion that FOX has given Dollhouse. Commercials, music video, a sensible lead-in show, the stars and Joss showing up on talk shows and at the New York Comic-Con (did you ever see a Firefly cast member on a talk show before or during the show’s run,  ever?), review copies all over the place…

Including, by the way, the one I received when I reviewed the pilot episode here (relatively spoiler-free).


  1. korkster

    YAY!!! I’m right there with you on the excitement! 4 1/2 days away!!!

  2. Steve

    had not realized that Dollhouse was starting this week, even though I follow the lead in show (Sarah Connor Chronicles now on Fridays). Thanks for the reminder! :)


  3. Rich L.

    Sarah Connor going up against Ghost Whisperer on Fridays? That cannot be good news because GW has almost 12 million viewers per episode. At least Dollhouse comes on after GW (on a different channel) which should make for the best two hours of tv all week!
    Feel free to disagree, most do!!

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