Comic movies, comic books
July 17th, 2008

Comic movies, comic books

Hey kids! Comics!

There’s lots of comicy goodness out this week, and the 800-lb Bat-gorilla is the new Batman movie “The Dark Knight,” which opens tonight and is already wowing audiences and building Oscar buzz for the late Heath “The Joker” Ledger. Some of that may be because he died tragically before the movie came out, but other actors have done that and not won and he did do a.. really, really scary job of it, so here’s hoping. Wouldn’t it be excellent if a comic book movie won an acting award for once?

And in front of “The Dark Knight” you might get to see the trailer for another of the most anticipated and most dreaded comic book movies, “The Watchmen.” Alan Moore’s brilliant graphic novel, painstakingly brought to life. I’m of two minds on this – sorry, Harvey Dent – because I LOVE the book, but the scenes I’ve seen so far look awfully good and every Alan-Moore-based movie gets closer and closer to his vision. (In my world, “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” never happened, never never neverm la la la). You can check out the HD trailer here.]

And, OK, maybe I’m on my own here, but one of my favorite comic characters returns next week in “Ambush Bug: Year None” next week and Newsarama did a recap of why we should care. *POP!*

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