Last chance for free con swag!
August 1st, 2008

Last chance for free con swag!

Thanks to Ven’s two-handed swag-nabbing ability, we have enough for two swag pile prizes! Here’s a sampling – each prize will have a heaping helping of some of this!

Remember, you’ve only got a couple hours left to enter, just check out Ven’s SDCC tweets to find out how.

And, if you were at the San Diego Comic and you got a Save Hiatus card, go to our SDCC page and enter the secret code to win one of many great prizes:

A “Number Six in Black” character lithograph, a “Starbuck in Black” character lithograph, BSG character dogtags, a promotional FOX “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles” cap, a set of Mal and Zoe dog tags (never sold in stores), and…
A great big “Instant Geek” kit of utter geekiness, guaranteed to turn your home or workspace into an obsessive fan paradise (items pictured and more will be included).

You’ve got till 8 pm PST tonight! Go! Go! Go!

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