Save Hi…jinks Ensue!
August 5th, 2008

Save Hi…jinks Ensue!

One of our favorite Webcomics is Hijinks Ensue, which, if you haven’t read it before, I strongly urge you to do now. For the past four months, the strip’s creator, Joel Watson, has been undertaking what he calls “The Experiment,” to see whether he could make a career out of his Webcomic. At the rate he’s gaining readers, (especially with three front page diggs in the last couple of weeks) it’s definitely possible that he’ll be able to make it work financially in the next year or so, but right now, his readership (and income) isn’t enough to see him through the red and carry him into the black.

So right now he’s holding a donation drive and asking readers to consider setting up a donation subscription via paypal. He’s got some pretty cool stuff available exclusively to subscribers. Plus, he’s a pretty cool guy, who would DEFINITELY have watched Hiatus from day one. ;) So, if like the work Joel’s doing with Hijinks Ensue and want to see more of it, now’s a good time to donate, if you’re so inclined.

The State of the Experiment: Save Hijinks Ensue

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