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bio_chrisHey, it happens.

I think I can reveal to you now my deep, dark, geek secret, one that I have strained to conceal from even my closest friends: I have not watched the new Battlestar Galactica.

Not at all. Saw part of the first episode of the first miniseries, just never got into it. I recognize the quality of the show, but there wasn’t enough humor to bring me back.

Wow! That feels… really good to get off my chest. I’ve been living in shame all these years, nodding and smiling as my friends discussed story arcs, and now I can walk proud and BSG-less. I don’t like all the shows my peers like, and it’s OK!

Why are you looking at me like that? Stop judging me! STOP JUDGING ME!


  1. klinqueen

    I’m with ya, Chris…BSG, Lost, and Heroes…my little dark geek secrets. Couldn’t get in to any of them. Give me Journeyman any day!

    Huh? What??? It was great, I tell you!!!

    I still want to watch BSG, but I’m just going to have to spend a week curled on the couch in the fetal position with a Coke IV, a box of Prilosec, and a bag of dark chocolate-covered coffee beans. Only way to get through it all without dozing off in important places.

  2. Shadewest

    I don’t blame you at all. I felt the same way. I watched the series later on DVD, rather than watching it week to week. As you said, it was very well done, but so dark so much that I needed to back away.

  3. Dani

    I haven’t watched BSG either, so you’re not the only one. I feel awkward when all my friends start going on and on about it. Although it’s not usually too difficult to spin them back around to talk about Firefly. Or Hiatus, of course. That always get’s them worked up.

  4. Freak

    I feel that way about Firefly. I watched the entire series. Decent enough show, but I’m not upset that it was canceled.

  5. Saithe

    Yeah, there is no humor in BSG. Because it’s about modern life! hahahahah–ew. Also, I’m glad that “Freak” above is already self-titled, so I will not have to call him/her that. J/K, much love and respect.

  6. Palmetto

    BSG, Stargate, Lost; those are minor crimes. I couldn’t get into LOTR.

    Now that I think about it, I haven’t given much of a rip about anything on TV since early in the second season of Enterprise. Now that Samurai Jack and KND are gone, what’s worth following?

  7. BoomerGoodheart

    I don’t watch BSG, either. My husband does, though, and even he is like “WTF just happened there?!?”. :-)

  8. Kevin I

    I used to be like you, hiding my shame and not watching BSG, but then I gave in to the BSG goodness and am glad I did. Like Buffy before it I was so glad I went back and tried again.

    I guess the ones I’m always taking flack for that I still stick by are Star Trek (First contact was cool I guess, but other then that…meh, I’ll see the new movie though because my Simon Pegg and J.J Abrams fandom demand it) and Stargate.

  9. Randy

    I don’t watch it either. Watched the original miniseries. Hated it; never went back.

  10. BSG Evangelical

    “Yeah, there is no humor in BSG.”

    That’s not QUITE true.
    “Tigh me up Tigh me Down” – the ninth episode of season one has numerous humorous moments.

    … But yeah, that’s really the only one – heh.

    I still think it’s a brilliant show though. Better to watch it on DVD than TV though, and better to watch it when you’re in the mood for something harsh and depressing (especially this latest season!)

    But really, all Firefly fans should be required to watch it just because the guy that played Badger shows up as a guest character for three episodes at the end of Season 3.

  11. Blasphemy!

    I strongly encourage you to give BSG another try. It might take another watching or discussing w/ fans in order to realize to true genius of the writing. Firefly humor is still awesome after multiple re-watchings, but I’ll take the emotional rollercoaster of BSG any day. (Just ignore the sound-in-space science of the BSG universe.)

  12. Did not miss much

    Well, everybody can’t watch everything. I for one try, but there’s a limit to what one has time to do, and what one likes. I tried to like BSG, I really did. Then I stopped watching after S1, which though good, did not really cash on the excellence of the opening miniseries. Then after lots and lots of comments by friends I tried it again, and got to about halfway S3 before just stopping watching in the middle of a bad bad episode. Never looked back, I’ll rewatch buffy any day rather than the “oh god, we all will die in a week, so lets have a revolution and mutiny to decide on our leader” mumbo jumbo with the annoying religion thrown in. And I really did want to like it…

    And about space-sounds. Honestly, I would be surprised if in the futures space combats the pilots did not hear the sounds of explosions and other ships. Computer generated sounds of course, but still sounds.

  13. Garrett Williams

    While we’re confessing, I watched the first episode of Firefly on Hulu, and gave it a “meh”. Didn’t get me interested enough to watch more, and join the legions of Firefly fanatics.

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