Let the debate begin

Let the debate begin

bio_chrisSpeaking of fantasy sci-fi — as opposed to Fantasy and Science Fiction — check out the fantasy figures populating Scott Meyer’s happy place over at Basic Instructions. Not a bad selection, although I’d add a Terminator (and not Arnie).

Adam is (I hope) back home by now, after several harrowing days of flight delays and postponements. I hear D.C. ground control was having problems with the rapid and  unexpected buildup of hope in the air over the nation’s capitol and it threw off their whole schedule.


  1. korkster

    No way. Piccard would totally win a Muddy Enterprise fight. Janeway & Sisco be damned!

    And I feel this also. Firefly (non-BSG’er… yet), Buffy, Angel were all fantastic, but I am REALLY excited for Dollhouse. How can you not be?? Limited edition action figures just don’t hold a candle to that sort of news. :)

  2. Erin Palette

    Dudes! You misspelled Capt. Benjamin Sisko’s name!

    -500 DPK points and loss of your geek cred!

  3. Logen

    A PUSHING DAISIES REFERENCE!!! *bookmarks site*

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