TV shows, a movie, and a call to iron arms
June 11th, 2008

TV shows, a movie, and a call to iron arms


Hey peeps! Some cool stuff going on, and here’s what you need to catch up:


WalkerAlert! Alert! I’m breaking into this boringness with a call to arms for all Marvel Comics movie fans! Word on the webs is that Jon Favreau, the man who made “Iron Man” what is was (namely, one of the very few comic book movies that can bear watching without first putting a live electrical cord in your mouth), still has not been signed for the sequel. According to and, Marvel is trying to get away with not paying Favreau what he’s worth because their head honcho feels anyone could have turned in the same quality. I think Marvel chairman David Maisel should be strapped down and forced to watch “Ghost Rider,” “Spider-Man 3,” “X-Men 3,” “Daredevil,” or any of the Captain America or Punisher monstrosities, nonstop, Clockwork Orange-style, until he gets the point. Favreau understood Iron Man, and he understood Iron Man fans, and that’s why the movie worked. Also, wasn’t Favreau the one who championed Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark? While we don’t have confirmation of any of these negotiations, it’s time for us fans to do what we do best: instantly overreact and assume the worst. E-mail Marvel and tell them you want Favreau for IM2 or you won’t buy any “Incredible Hulk” 7-11 cups. OK, go back to your lives.


Walker, dammit, you… never mind. Go watch Get Smart, everyone.


  1. OminousKevin

    David Maisel shouldn’t even get the benefiet of the director’s cut of Daredevil either, even that would be to good for someone who doesn’t automatically see how Favreau played into how great Iron Man was.

  2. Luana

    Great work.

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